The Home Solar Energy Program

Save 30%
With The Home Solar Energy Program

Getting Solar Energy for Your Home should be a Cost-Effective and Easy Process. Save up to 30% on the total cost of your solar system by working with vetted experts who guide you on every step of your journey.

how The home energy solar program works

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Reduce Your Home Energy Demand

The size of your solar systems is determined by how much electricity you use daily. We first reduce your power demand through a home energy efficiency upgrade. This ultimately reduces your solar system size and capital costs.

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Home Solar System Design

A solar engineer will design and specify the solar system for your home. You can use the approved design to apply get quotations from our network of verified solar installation partners.

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Finance Your Solar Power

Once you know he total cost of installing your home solar system. You can arrange for the financing of the system either through your own funds or with funding from one of our financial partners.

Install Your Home Solar System

Professional local solar installers will bid for your business based on your approved solar system design. Pick the best offer and get your system installed safely and professionally. Start enjoying low energy costs and uninterrupted supply.

You Are in Control & Protected at Each Step

We have designed the Home Solar Energy Program to put you in control of the pace and progress of your home solar journey. 

Each of the steps in the program can be done separately. You only move to the next step when you are ready.

You pay for each step into an Escrow account and the funds are only released to the service provider once they have met the our strict quality and delivery criteria for a particular step. This way you are assured of best-in-class solar energy services.

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Why join The home energy solar program?

If you are like the average South African Home Owner, you just want an electricity power supply that is affordable and simply works. With Eskom and municipalities failing to supply this basic service, most home owners are increasingly turning to Solar Power to meet their power needs.

However, the process of going solar is not a simple plug-and-play matter as many people would like to have you believe. When done right, getting solar power for your home is a highly technical issue that requires the inputs of qualified professionals to ensure a safe, cost-effective and high performance system.

Every home and family  is different, so energy use is going to vary from one house to the next. In order to get the most optimal performance for your home, your solar energy system should be custom-designed to match your location, energy-use profile and budget. 

How Not To Buy Solar for Your Home

Let’s say you’ve decided that you are going to get some solar for your home in order to reduce electricity costs or to have a back-up system. You go on the internet or ask a friend who has had solar installed at their house. You contact a few companies, they check your energy bill or measure your energy-use and a day or two later, they give you a quotation. You make a decision and buy something similar to what your friend got or what you can afford. This is the worst approach to getting a solar system for your home or business for the following reasons:

  1. When you approach a solar installation company directly, you will be offered the biggest system you can afford. There will most likely be no effort to reduce your electricity demand before designing your solar system. The solar companies are not being unethical, they are just not trained to optimise energy efficiencies. They’re focused on selling solar systems.
  2. Using word-of-mouth referrals: Your neighbour, friend or relative bought a solar system. They seem to be happy with it. You decide that you are going to install the same or a similar system using the same installation company that your buddy used. You risk putting in a system that may not be ideal for your home and when you do not research a few installers, you risk paying more than you should for a solar system.
  3. Buying an off-the-shelf kit: Unless you a decent energy-use assessment has been done for  your home – you are likely to be more disappointed than satisfied when you install an off-the-shelf ready-to-install home solar kit. Lower that expected energy yields or failure to run key appliances may be some of the issues you will encounter. The off-the-shelf kits are like to not come with comprehensive after-sales service contracts.

home solar is a long-term investment. let us help you get it right.