Grow Your Solar Business

get educated and Highly Qualified Sales Leads

We are partnering with the best to build an installer network customers can depend on.

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Our vision is simple: We are making the journey of going solar easy, transparent and affordable for South African customers.

We are doing this through the extensive education of our customers about what it means to go solar. Once our customers are ready, we link them up with reliable, qualified professional installers to help them implement their solar projects. This ensures customer confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with competent and dependable installers.

How the EnergyFundi platform works

Energyfundi recruits educated customers who are ready to buy by collecting their property information and solar energy preferences.

We match you with customers  who fit your solar service offering. This includes installation type (residential or commercial), location and financing needs.

You submit your quotations using our standardised quotation template that allows customers to compare quotes like-for-like. You connect with the customer to finalise details and close sales.

Why join the EnergyFundi Network?

EnergyFundi is an efficient channel for finding high quality customers and growing your solar business profitably. Here are some key reasons why you should  become part of the EnergyFundi Network:

EnergFundi Brings You:

Increased Sales

Working with pre-qualified customers results in faster buying decisions and higher conversions.

Increased Focus

Spend less time prospecting and spend more time on lead conversion by focusing on the real customer needs.

Expert Marketing

Focus on your core competence of designing and delivering high performance solar. We do the expert marketing for you.